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Yes, you've found it, the definitive place for the Buenos Aires Hash House Harriers, a drinking club, with a running problem. Take a look around, see what you like, and hopefully come and join us for a run/walk/drink, whatever your fancy may be. We don't bite, well, maybe one or two might, but don't let that put you off. Hashes take place every two weeks, usually on a Sunday, so check out the Next Run details, and come along... ON ON

Friday, 17 October 2014

Hare Talking

After the wonderful time had by those that crossed over to our relatives in Uruguay last weekend for the Rio de La Plata Hash, it's time to look ahead to what is in store back here in Buenos Aires. As you all know, the Hash is only as good as it's Members, and in order for the Hash to build, Hares are always needed to spread the load, and lay interesting trails in interesting places around the City and beyond.

It often seems that the same Hashers are very keen to Lay Trail, but in truth, we have to thank the repeat hares who step into the breech to design and lay a trail when others are reluctant at coming forward. To be fair, many virgin hares are worried that designing a trail, getting some food sorted etc., is too much for them to take on, but don't Panic! - The Long in the tooth Hashers, (you know who you are), are always willing to help and support new hares - So don't be shy... If you have an idea for a future hash, let someone from the Mis-Managemnet know what you are thinking, don't be backwards at coming forward.

The good news is that if you have missed your hash in recent weeks as you couldn't make it across the River, well, like London Buses, we have three coming up in the next four weeks - Why Three you ask? - Well, firstly, the next is due on the 26th to get back on track, and then the following weekend is Halloween, a Very Special Hash, and then we are back in two-weekly sequence on the 16th November.

So here are the latest dates etc.,

Hash # 635 - Sunday October 26th - Old Hag & Mr Mum

Hash # 636 - Saturday November 1st - Doon Doon & Bad Fly

Hash # 637 - Sunday November 16th - Footsie & Party Pants

Inspect Her Assets

PS - OK, There is another reason for three hashes, I'm Back Home for them all !!!! ON ON ......

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Hash # 634 - Rio de la Plata Hash 3 - 11th/12th October, 2104

Uruguay Hash House Harriers y Buenos Aires Hash House Harriers Presentan
El 3er Hash del Rio de la Plata
Colonia del Sacramento Republica Oriental del Uruguay Domingo 11-12 octubre 2014
No te le pierdas! Don’t miss it!
! Agenda
! sabado 11

14:00 - Hares Mark Trail
16:30 - Meeting Point
17:00 - Begin Hash Run
21:00 - Evening Event


Washington Barbot 160
Colonia Del Sacramento, Colonia, Uruguay
+598 227-268

Urg$440 gaseosas y agua y Alcohol to order extra.
domingo 12

13:00 - Almuerzo de cierre/Picnic in the park
BIT (Centro Bienvenida, Intrepretacion y Turismo)
M. Á. Odriozola 434

Colonia del Sacramento,

Colonia, Uruguay
Estimated cost: Arg$75 Urg$100 US$5
Hash Run

Where/Donde: Corner of Calle Odriozola (previously Florida) and Ituzaingo (south side of
Florida), Colonia
When/Cuando: 16:30 for 17:00 11 octubre 2014
Bring/Llevar: Mug, Argentine or Uruguyo Regalia (Flags/Banderas)

Wear/Ponerse: Argentine or Uruguyo T-Shirt (Leonas, Pumas, La Selecions) 

Hash Fee: Arg$75 Urg$100 US$5

Los hares y muchos hashers estaremos en El Viajero Hostel 10-11oct.
Half a meter man (UYHHH)
Late Check In (UYHHH)
Red Hot Chili (BAHHH)
Cabin Boy (BAHHH) +598 9418-9778

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Hash #633 - Sunday 28th September, 2014 - The Spring has Sprung Hash

Yes, Spring has Sprung! The trees are blooming & pretty so let's get outside and breath in all of that new allergy producing pollen!

The details:

Hash #633 - Sunday, September 28th, 2014 –

WHERE: The meeting point will be on the corner of Bulnes and Charcas.

WHEN: Sunday the 28th of September - 11:00am for 11:30am Start

WHAT TO WEAR: Something springy, floral prints, flowers in your hair, pastel colors (pink, light blue, etc.).

HOW TO GET THERE: The transport lines that the hashers should use to arrive at the venue, are: ask Google like everybody else or see below. Anything that brings you to Alto Palermo shopping is perfect.
By subte - D line, Bulnes Station.
The bus lines - 152, 39, 64, 68, 92, 110 anything that takes you to Santa Fe and Cnel Diaz. We know at LEAST these bus lines go near there - but there are many more.
By car - ask a GPS

WHAT TO BRING: Hash Mug, Fork, Plate - Hash T-Shirt - Hash Fee $70 -

HARES: El Diablo and recently named - Ride Her Hard.

FOOD: GF! Gluten Free & Good F'ing Food & Drinks MoFo's! (tacos)

Have lots of fun hashers, and don't forget to book your travel and accommodation for the Interhash del Sur in October.

El Diablo and Ride Her Hard

Monday, 15 September 2014

Get On Board - October 11th & 12th - Colonia Here We Come...


October 11th & 12th weekend - The coming together of the Uruguay Hash House Harriers and our very own Buenos Aires Hash House Harriers -

We sent out Advance Notice a few weeks ago, so it should be well encased in your diaries for the best weekend away you could think of this spring. BUT, we need to get an idea for catering, who is going. Colonia is a wonderful little trip away from BA, the tranquil coastal village across the Rio de La Plata giving some great Hash Trails, some great little bars, and hostels to stay in.

Red Hot Chilli would love to know a rough idea of how many Hashers will be sailing over, so please, please, let us know if you are planning to head over, for the weekend, or simply just for the day. This has always been a great weekend, and our friends in Uruguay are looking forward to seeing us all in Sunny Colonia.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Hash #632 - Sunday 14th September, 2014 - The Bollywood Hash

hellow hellow there!!!!!!!!

Winter is fading away, so time to share a pint with friends.

Spring is around the corner, time to share more beer with friends.

Summer is approaching fast; time to share drinks with friends.

So the idea is to have beer with the group, followed by real hot Curry which I shall be preparing all night long.

Oh..I forgot to mention a minor detail; we will be HASHing too.

So it´s time for another BOLLYWOOD HASH!!!!!!! No partying the night earlier. As the old saying goes; Early to bed and early to rise and then to HASH...ize

Meeting point. Restaurant MUMBAI at Honduras 5684, Palermo Bollywood.

Sunday 14th Sept at 11am Run starts at 11:30.

Hosted by Kama Putra and Spice Up My Rice,

Buses 39, 111, 93, 108..

By car....Drive upto Av. Cordoba 5500, one block after crossing railway tracks, turn right in HUMBOLDT, 4 blocks later turn left in Honduras.

DO NOT bring Dishes, mugs, forks or Knives. Hares have everything disposable, unless Hashers want to bring personal mugs for emotional reasons.

Do bring Hash gear for the run...

Hash Fee - AR$70

To get tuned, watch this before you leave home.

On On........

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Hash #631 - Sunday 31st August, 2014 - The Bolivar Hash

Happy Hashing everyone -

Yes, August is coming to a close and winter is almost behind us. Given the way the weather has been, do you notice? Well, this week, our intrepid hares are taking the Hash to the leafy suburbs of Buenos Aires, close to Lisandro de la Torre Station on the railway line. Yes, it's Plazoleta Bolivia this week, and a guarantee of a great run from our hares (That's what they say anyway!)....

The details:

Hash # 631 - Sunday, August 31st August, 2014 –

WHERE: The meeting point will be in PLAZOLETA BOLIVIA (Olleros y Libertador) near "LIsandro de la torre station"

WHEN: Sunday 31st August, 2014 - 11:00am for 11:30 Start

HOW TO GET THERE: The transport lines that the hashers should take to arrive at the venue, are :
By train: Get off in Lisandro de la torre station (Mitre Railway Line).
The bus lines on Luis María Campos and Olleros 15,29,59,60,55 then walk 3 blocks.

WHAT TO BRING: Hash Mug - Hash T-Shirt - No need for a knife and fork.

HASH FEE: AR$ 70 -

HARES: Anal Hog, Co- Hears: Morticia in the bush, Cheap Lice, Va Gina.

CONTACT NUMBERS: Morticia 15.6238.2315 & Cheap Lice 15.3183.5331

Have lots of fun hashers, and don't forget to book your travel and accommodation for the Interhash del Sur in October.

Inspect Her Assets

Here the map: http://www.yelp.com.ar/map/plaza-rep%C3%BAblica-de-bolivia-buenos-aires
Cómo llegar - Plaza República de Bolivia - Palermo - Buenos Aires

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

ADVANCE NOTICE - Interhash Del Sur - October 11th & 12th, 2014

Yes, it's advance warning to clear your diaries for the weekend of October 11th & 12th. It's the Annual Get Together with our friends from Uruguay with the Rio de la Plata Hash, which this year we are renaming the Interhash del Sur - The Southern Cone Hash, but most importantly, a Great weekend in Colonia del Sacremento in Uruuguay.

It's a short hop across the River from Buenos Aires, and the plans are to have a weekend of fun in Colonia with our fellow Hashers from the Uruguay. Saturday & Sunday, with a few drinks partaken off on Saturday evening, although a rumour has surfaced that you can also get a coffee or two in Colonia.

Full details will be out soon, but we can guarantee a great weekend away, with runs, beer, Chotos & Chivitos, beer, probably water, shiggy, beer and lots of fun.

CLEAR YOUR DIARIES - October 11th & 12th weekend....... INTERHASH DEL SUR.............